Sunday, May 07, 2006

Forex Trading Strategy: Hedge Hog (EUR/CHF)

I have recently done some reaserch on Forex to find strategy that will be easy to trade no double meaning when it comes to entry points, takes minimum amount of time, and ofcourse is profitable.

Here is what to do:

Every day at 24:00 GMT go to your account and put on Hedge Transaction on EUR/CHF or with open price at current level.
Set Take Profit: 10 pips
Set Stop Loss: 330 pips
for both transactions (LONG and SHORT)

I made back tests for last 3 years and this are the results:
leverage 1:10 (starting capital 10 000$, lot size 1 lot)
3 pip spread included in results
system shows average 4,16% monthly return
largest drawdown is 2 100$ which is about 21% of starting capital
Maximum loss in single trade -129 pips

Now what makes this strategy succesfull, first of all trading time, you put on transaction at the beginning of asian session which is often reanging about 30 pips so we have got higher Stop losses to prevent us from loosing capital, (in fact stop losses could be removed) and small TP to takesome profit.

If you are interested then go ahead and try this system out with a demo account.
Also email me for spreadsheet with backtest results.


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kunfx said...

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KBZA said...

Hi, how do you make your profit? you could explain it, pleas? regaards!

אורטל said...
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Daniel parker said...

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Daniel parker said...

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