Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Forex Trading Strategy: Hedge Hog (GBP/CHF)

This is known Hedge Hog strategy but with diffrent currency pair, diffrent set up, incredibly high returns and drawdown, but i think it is really worth a look.

Here is what to do:
Every day at 24:00 GMT go to your account and put on Hedge Transaction on GBP/CHF or with open price at current level.
Set Take Profit: 20 pips
Set Stop Loss: 450 pips
for both transactions (LONG and SHORT)

I made back tests for last 3 years and this are the results:
leverage 1:10 (starting capital 10 000$, lot size 1 lot)
3 pip spread included in results
system shows average 13,37% monthly return
largest drawdown is 4 100$ which is about 41% of starting capital
Maximum loss in single trade -284 pips

I know that drawdown and maximum loss are very disappointing they are quite high, so you may want to decrease leverage from 1:10 to 1:5 drawdown will be then much more acceptable, but ofcourse avg. return will be only 7% monthly.

If you are interested then go ahead and try this system out with a demo account.
As always email me for spreadsheet with backtest results.


fatloss said...

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armchang said...


i came across with your strategy and i already used this kind of strategy.. i think this would further enhance my strategy., can you provide me with other details and your sheet along and send it to me?

Tp said...

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Mike said...

Greetings, can you please email me the spreadsheet for this? Email:

Thank you.

Mike said...

Also, you were not very clear in posting the rules, here are some more questions:

1. Do you open new orders each and every day?

2. When do you close out the losing orders? Do you just let them run and hit the stop loss, which would obviously wipe out your account?

3. What money management do you use? I take it you use micro lots on a huge account if you open new orders every single day.

Can you please be more specific and give us the details of how you trade this?

Thank you.

Mike said...

I guess this strategy proved to be unprofitable and this blog died. No answers to questions, no emailing of spreadsheet. It's a shame.

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