Friday, September 14, 2007

The "95% of all Forex traders fail" Lie!

I refer 95% lie to sentence: “95% of traders fail”. Although this are calculations made by brokers, based on their account history. I suppose those are accounts that were blown out by newbie traders.

Anyway I have to admit that it is true that 95% of account ends up empty within less then three months. But hose who were trading them … were they really traders? I think not, in my opinion they were gold diggers or just uninformed fools.

It happens often that after forex success story in newspaper or magazine, people without knowing anything about forex think: “Hey this is easy way to make money! If that guy in the newspaper made millions, I can make at least few thousands I am not stupid”. I don’t have to tell you how wrong this guy is. He takes loan, and starts trading, within 3 months he has got no money but a big loan to pay.

I believe this are the people who goes by 95% rule. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make money, but you have to understand it is not going to happen overnight. Probably not even within two years. But it is possible.

What it takes to become trader? In my opinion the only difference between successful and unsuccessful trader is … experience. All you need to do is trade and get some experience.

But there is something more important. As you may lack successes within this two years it is crucial to believe that you can really do it, that it is possible to achieve success. If you have problem with that then, do yourself a favor and buy Anthony Robbins “Awaken the giant within” great book on positive mindset.


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deepak said...

The first thing to remember is that 95 percent of all Forex traders don't really get successful, they lose their money. In order to end up with the remaining 5 percent of those traders, you have to have the right education and mindset, but the best news is anyone can learn the skills needed to win because Forex trading strategies work best.
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Kevin said...

I like your post, too bad it seems like this blog has run its course already. Check out my forex blog if you like.

Graham Blackmore said...
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Graham Blackmore said...

I am also interested in the accuracy of the whole 95% of traders are losers statement.

The statement overall is flawed, there is no time bracket specified. Also what do you have to do to qualify to be classed as a 'forex loser'

I am looking into this further.

Graham from DnB Forex Price Action

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aditi said...

There are several reasons which are responsible behind failure of traders in stock market. Some of them can be ignoring market updates, panicking, trading against the trend, taking more risk then one's own capability.
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Digital Equity said...

I don't think 95% is a lie cause trading is a psychological thing and most of the people are weak on psychology. I have seen many traders doing profit for first few days and losing all the profits and capital at once with some bad trades. Its not like that they dont know the strategy well but their mindset is not enough to be consistent in trading profits. I learned a lot from the educational stuffs of and they are very supportive. It really helped me to learn well and make profit from the market. is the best broker so far i have tried in my trading career.

Md Torikul said...

Forex is such a tough work to do for a new comers. They should work hard to gain Forex market well. We see a tendency of earning more within a short time following no risk management policy. That is their first mistake. They also have greed aswell as emotions while trading. This two bad practices are very much harmful for a trader.

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