Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seven Big Things Professors Won�t Teach You (But You Should Know)

Are you studying finance? If so, then terms like present and future value, efficient market theory, capital budgeting, arbitrage pricing and a whole slew of other exciting phrases are becoming part of your vocabulary. And if you�re thinking about studying finance in college or graduate school, be prepared to be lectured on those topics and more during your coursework. This is all well and good. If you plan on a future in finance, you�ll need a grounding in financial theory. Here�s the problem, though. Your instructors won�t teach you the good stuff, the stuff that can really help you excel in your job or make money in the markets. That all falls under the umbrella of �practical knowledge� which is not what college curricula are generally designed to pass along to young, eager minds looking to learn.

Have no fear, though! This report will help fill in the gaps. While it�s impossible to cover everything you could possibly want to learn in this brief space, here you will be given seven specific areas of focus. It is my intent to provide you with something of a guide to help you go beyond your text books and take your financial education to another level. From there you�ll be able truly accelerate your growth at a rapid pace, allowing you the opportunity to have more success.

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