Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Watch out for EA scams!!!

Recently i found forum post at ForexFactory, where author talked about some scammer selling MetaTrader expert advisor, unfortunetly i can't find this post now to give you permament link so i will just tell you what i know about the case.

First of all this "Expert Advisor" costs 25 000$ (a lot of cash) but from what i have heared it isn't worth even 25 cents. So if you recive such offer by spam or something it is best just to ignore it.

Ofcourse if you find offer interesting then you may want to buy it, in this case it is best to do your own due dilligence, search forums, ask questions etc. Do not buy just because advertisment looks good!

Well this is second forex bad news this week, so i guess coming days can be only better .


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